The club said it will make a choice on the new head coach shortly at OKBET NETS. NEW YORK (Reuters) – Steve Nash has resigned as coach of the Brooklyn Nets after a dismal start and additional drama surrounding Kyrie Irving. The OKBET NETS parted ways with the Hall of Fame point guard on Tuesday, a day after beating Indiana to move to 2-5.


Nash made it to this season after Kevin Durant said that he wanted him gone this summer, but he won’t be there for long. The OKBET NETS have been another shambles, with poor on-court performance and negative press.

The most prominent — once again — was generated by Irving, who last week tweeted a link to an anti-Semitic piece on his Twitter profile, sparking condemnation from OKBET NETS owner Joe Tsai. “We are really appreciative for Steve’s leadership, patience, and humility during his stay,” general manager Sean Marks said in a statement.

“This was a really tough choice for me; nonetheless, after considerable consideration and review of how the season has started, we determined that a change is required at this time.” The Nets might act swiftly to replace Nash. According to a source familiar with the situation, the OKBET NETS are in talks with suspended Boston coach Ime Udoka, a former Brooklyn assistant who is not with the Celtics this season after being determined to have broken club rules by having a connection with a female worker inside the organization. The individual spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the discussions were not made public.

The conversations between Udoka and the Nets were originally reported by ESPN. The Nets said that a decision on the team’s new coach will be made soon. Nash guided the OKBET NETS to a 92-62 record to the playoffs in his first two full seasons as an NBA coach. However, they suffered injuries to Irving and James Harden during their second-round defeat to Milwaukee in 2021, and they were a first-round failure last season after moving Harden in the midst of the season.

Much of their issues in the later season stemmed from Irving’s refusal to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, as was required in New York City at the time. Nash handled everything as best he could, but evidently not well enough for his greatest player. Durant said that if the OKBET NETS would not remove Marks and Nash this summer, he would want to be transferred, but Tsai stayed firm, and Durant finally withdrew his request.


Before the season started with OKBET NETS, Nash downplayed it, stating he didn’t think the stories were totally genuine and that they had rapidly worked through their troubles. But things got off to a bad start this season, as Nash delivered some of his harshest criticism of the squad during his tenure following their defeat to Indiana on Saturday night, calling their defensive effort a “disaster” and not seeing want or will.

“We have to search deep, deep inside ourselves to see what we want to achieve and accomplish,” Nash remarked. “Do we want to quit up because it’s been tough so far, or do we want to stick with it and start building something?” Much of it was overshadowed by Irving’s contentious press conference defending his tweet, and the Nets upset the Pacers in the rematch Monday to snap a four-game losing streak.

But Nash’s reign ended a day later, only hours before Brooklyn’s game against Chicago. Against the Bulls, Jacque Vaughn will serve as interim head coach. In his statement praising Nash, Tsai referred to the team’s continual instability.

“My appreciation and regard for him increased over time as he brought hard effort and a cheerful attitude to our business every day, even when the team was surrounded by severe storms,” Tsai added. Nash expressed gratitude to the Tsai family and Marks for the chance, calling it “an fantastic experience with many obstacles that I’m extremely thankful for.”


Despite having no coaching experience, Marks hired his former teammate in 2020, claiming Nash’s ability to be a connector of personalities as a player, when he was a two-time MVP with the Phoenix Suns and finished third on the NBA’s record with 10,335 assists at the OKBET NETS.

However, his strategies were questioned since the Nets struggled defensively during his time and often lacked the ball-moving offense that his Suns teams did, instead depending on Durant, Irving, or Harden to isolate. Nash had to adjust to changes on his bench in addition to player adjustments at OKBET NETS. After one season, Mike D’Antoni, the two-time NBA Coach of the Year, stepped down as his assistant, while Ime Udoka departed to become coach of the Boston Celtics.

The Nets said that a decision on the team’s new coach will be made soon.

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