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OKBET NBA Odds & Betting Lines

If you’re new to sports betting OKBET NBA Odds, particularly NBA betting, our standard odds tables may be a little intimidating. This NBA betting guide will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to understand basic betting terminology, interpret game odds, and use moneylines to make informed NBA picks each week. Throughout this guide, we will use the odds table between the los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors as an example.


NBA Betting Options

Understanding the different types of OKBET NBA Odds and how they pay out is essential before placing a wager with confidence. The following are the most common types of NBA betting:

Over/Under Totals Moneyline vs. Spread

NBA Betting Odds

NBA moneyline bets only require a bettor to pick the winner of a specific contest. Almost every game will feature a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is the team that is expected to win, while the underdog is the team that is expected to lose. In an odds table, the favorite team will be denoted by a minus sign (-), while the underdog will be denoted by a plus sign (+). Here’s how the moneyline bet for our chosen NBA matchup look as OKBET Basketball:

The -303 designation moneyline indicates that Philadelphia is the favorite in this game. With a moneyline of +240, Cleveland is the underdog. The numbers next to the plus or minus signs represent the associated payout amount for betting on each team.

A $100 bet on Cleveland at +240 odds would result in a $240 profit if they won the game against Philadelphia. This would result in a total payout of $340, including your original $100 wager. In comparison, Philly’s moneyline of -303 indicates that a bettor would win $100 for every $303 staked. When betting on a favorite, bettors must risk more money in order to profit than when betting on an underdog.

Basketball Point Spreads

The point spread is also known as a margin of victory bet, bets against the spread, or just the spread. In this wager at OKBET NBA Odds, the bettor must correctly predict which team will win or lose by a certain number of points. To cover a spread, the chosen team must beat the point spread set by oddsmakers for a specific contest. A minus sign (-) is assigned to the favorite team, similar to a moneyline bet. The number next to the minus sign represents the number of points the favored team must win by in order to cover the bet. A bet on the underdog will pay out if the team wins outright or loses by less than the point spread. The spread for Philadelphia vs. Cleveland is as follows:

Aside from the spread, bettors should be aware of the juice, also known as the vig, which is the “tax” that betters pay to a sportsbook in order to place their wager. This number is usually displayed in a smaller font directly below the spread. In this game, each team has its own juice number, which means that the tax you pay to the sportsbook will vary depending on which team you bet on. Cleveland is -118, while Philadelphia is -100 at OKBET Basketball.

When calculating the potential payout of a bet, the spread vig works similarly to a moneyline. Betting on Cleveland would return $100 for every $118 invested if the spread was covered, whereas betting on Philadelphia would return $100 for every $100 invested if the spread was covered.

What happens if Philadelphia wins by exactly 7 points, you may wonder? This is referred to as a “push” scenario. A push means that no team covered the spread and you will receive your wager money back. In some cases, oddsmakers will set an even spread, indicating that they believe both teams are equally likely to win the game. This is commonly known as a “pick ’em” matchup.

Over/Unders in the NBA

Over/Unders, also known as totals, are another popular OKBET NBA Odds wager. Betting on the over/under means deciding whether both teams will score more or less than the point total set by the oddsmakers for the game. The outcome of the game is unimportant in this wager. Regardless of the outcome, the bettor is only concerned with the total point total.

The total for this Philadelphia vs. Cleveland game has been set at o216 points by the oddsmakers. To win on a “Over” bet, both teams must score 217 points or more. To win on a “Under” bet, both teams must score 215 points or less. Over/Unders, like spreads, can push, as seen here at exactly 216 points.

Over/Under bets have juice as well, which is indicated beneath the over/under totals in the table. Bettors on Philadelphia vs. Cleveland must invest $109 for every $100 profit when betting the over and bet $112 for every $100 profit when betting the under.

How to Use the NBA Odds Page on the Action Network

Moneylines, point spreads, and over/under totals for the same NBA game will most likely differ from one sportsbook to the next. Seasoned bettors understand the value of “shopping for lines” before placing a wager. All of this means that it is best practice to check each sportsbook’s line for a game you want to bet on to ensure that you are putting your money in the place with the highest potential payout. To make your life easier, The Action Network has compiled odds from each sportsbook for all NBA games played on a given day.

Here are some pointers on how to make the most of the NBA Odds page.

  • You’ll never have to guess which sportsbook offers the best odds for a particular game. The Action Network collects up-to-the-minute odds from every US sportsbook and displays the best odds in the “Best Odds” column for each bet type. This not only saves you time, but it also ensures that you’re always putting yourself in the best possible position to earn more per wager.
  • Filter games by specific bet types (moneyline, spread, and over/unders) or display all three simultaneously. Our odds page is customizable to meet your needs, whether you want to see a comprehensive view of the day’s action or drill down into a specific betting market.
  • Action Network subscribers can further customize the page by displaying only the sportsbooks with which they have an account. This simplifies the page and streamlines the betting process.
  • Sportsbooks provide odds on specific timeframes within a game as well as the overall outcome. In the NBA, this frequently includes odds for each quarter or half. Our NBA Odds page allows you to filter between different game timeframes to bet on a game in a variety of ways as it unfolds in real-time.
  • Sports betting is currently illegal in all 50 states. As a result, The Action Network NBA Odds page will show you the sportsbook odds and prices available to you based on your location in the United States.

Other NBA Betting Options

Other options for those looking for additional ways to get into OKBET NBA Odds include:

  • Futures Parlay Player Props
  • Daily Fantasy Football

Parlays in the NBA

A parlay is the combination of two or more wagers into a single betting ticket in order to increase the potential payout. To win the parlay, a bettor must win every wager on the ticket. While this reduces your chances of winning, parlay bets increase your potential earnings. The greater the number of bets in a parlay, the greater the payout potential.

A parlay can be created by combining any type of bet, such as a moneyline and an over/under total. Using our sample matchup, let’s make a 76ers moneyline and over 216 parlay.

  • 76ers moneyline (-303) is set at $50.
  • The potential winnings are $16.50, for a total payout of $66.50, which includes the original $50 bet.
  • More than 216 (-112) at $50
  • The potential winnings are $44.64, for a total payout of $94.64 when the original $50 is included.

A bettor has the chance to win $61.14 in payouts for a total of $161.14, which includes the original $100 staked across the two separate bets.
As a parlay, the same bets would pay out as follows:

At $100, take the 76ers moneyline (-303) AND the Over 216 (-112).

The potential winnings are $151.76 for a total payout of $251.76 when the original $100 bet is included.

Despite the fact that the total money risked is spread across identical bets, the payout potential for the parlay bet is significantly higher than for the two separate bets. Because both bets must cover to win, oddsmakers will increase your payout odds as you add more wagers to your parlay at OKBET Basketball.

Do you need assistance calculating your parlay payouts? Don’t forget to use The Action Network’s Betting Odds Calculator.

NBA Prospects

Futures bets are exactly what they sound like: they are wagers on an event whose outcome will be determined in the future (not within the same day or week). Futures bets only deal in moneylines. In the NBA, examples of futures betting include betting on a team to win their conference or the NBA Finals at OKBET Basketball.

Futures bets pay out well because they are extremely difficult to predict. A futures bet is typically placed at the start of the NBA season and requires a bettor to accurately predict an outcome that is months in the future. The best odds are available earlier in the NBA season, but bettors can place futures bets at any time during the season. The odds are updated on a regular basis to reflect a given team’s performance throughout the year, so they may not be as favorable later on.

Check out The Action Network’s NBA Futures page to see the odds for the rest of the 2021-22 season at OKBET Basketball.

NBA Predictions

Do you want to bet on specific NBA players rather than teams? Prop bets come into play at this point. Over/under totals for player stats in a given game will also be set by oddsmakers. A prop bet allows bettors to wager on whether a player will score a certain number of points, get a certain number of rebounds, and so on OKBET NBA Odds.

Do you need assistance evaluating prop bet wagers? Throughout the NBA season, the Action Labs Prop Tool will help you organize, sort, and grade hundreds of prop bet odds. Check in daily to stay up to date on NBA action throughout the season.

NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball

Sports betting is currently illegal in all 50 states. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) have filled the void as a sports betting alternative in jurisdictions where it is not legal at OKBET Basketball.

To compete against other players, traditional fantasy options require users to draft a team and set a lineup each day. Daily fantasy sites like DraftKings and FanDuel popularized this model. Newer DFS games, such as PrizePicks, are gaining popularity among fans, with bettors placing wagers on player props rather than competing against other users.

Use Action’s FantasyLabs to gain a competitive advantage by breaking down player stats and matchups to create a winning lineup each week.

NBA Betting Tips

You should be able to read and understand an odds table after reading this NBA betting guide. However, being able to read an odds table does not guarantee betting success. Here are a few tools from The Action Network to help you improve your OKBET NBA betting win rate.

Basketball Public Betting Percentages

The Action Network collects a massive amount of betting data on NBA games, such as the number of bets and the amount of money wagered on them. We condense this data into an easy-to-read interactive chart that allows you to determine which bets are most popular among the general public and where the majority of the money is wagered. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to follow the majority’s lead or break away from the pack.

You can also filter the Action Network OKBET NBA Public Betting page by bet type to see the public sentiment across moneyline, spread, and totals.

PRO Prospects

Our NBA experts analyze daily matchups based on a variety of factors such as recent team performance, player value, injuries, and more. The Action Network grades each matchup and provides an edge percentage to let you know which bets are most likely to succeed by condensing all of these factors. To get unlimited access to our NBA projections, join Action PRO.

PRO Evaluation

Check out our OKBET NBA PRO Report if you want to make your own betting decisions but don’t have the time to collect all of the data. Big money, sharp action, expert projections, expert picks, and historical betting systems are the five key betting signals highlighted in this analysis.

NBA Expert Predictions

If you’re short on time or prefer to leave it to the pros, our NBA Picks page is the place to be. You can see how experts pick a specific contest across various bet types and odds in this section. Check this page frequently throughout the season to see how you compare to the pros.

What steps should you take if you want to bet but aren’t sure where to go or how to play the games? If you go to the okbet esports, you will be able to find any extra information that you require.


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